Winner, Winner! 2 People Cash in on $750K Each After Purchasing Lottery Tickets in Santa Clara County

Santa Clara County appears to be an extra lucky spot these days.

That's because not one but two people playing the same California Lottery game each cashed in on a top prize of $750,000, according to the California Lottery.

Players Glenn Silveira and Tony Mai were both recently testing their lucky with the $10 Mystery Crossword contest, according to lottery officials. Mai snagged his winning ticket at San Jose's Lynda Sandwich/Blue Sky Corner Cafe, which is located at 999 Story Rd. About seven miles away, Silveira purchased his lucky scratcher at a Santa Clara 7-Eleven located at 1590 Franklin St.

Silveira, who told the California Lottery that his first reaction to hitting the jackpot was "Holy moly!" is on a hot streak as of late, according to lottery officials. He snagged $1,000 earlier this year playing the state lottery.

As for what Silveira plans to do with his new winnings, he said, "My wife's wheels are already turning," according to the California Lottery. Aside from meeting his wife's wishes, Silveria hopes to also tackle his mortgage payment.

It is not clear what Mai will do with his winnings.

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