Community Comes Together to Help Those Affected by Government Shutdown

As the government shutdown continues, thousands of government employees in the Bay Area are heading into the weekend without a pay check and communities are stepping in to help.

"“It’s a very uneasy feeling, not knowing 'are we going have food on the table?'" said Danielle Manor, member of the East Bay Coast Guard Spouses’ Club. "Are people going to understand why we can’t pay for things?"

Families are also getting help from the Sea West Credit Union offering Coast Guard members interest-free loans, and letting them delay payments on current loans.

"The Coast Guard is such a great organization, they’re out there every day helping to save lives," said Tom Doherty Sea West Credit Union CEO. “Doing whatever they can to make our country safer."

Donations are also being accepted by the Armed Services YMCA.

"Anything from paper products to diapers to canned food, cereal, just so our families can have food and resources available while the government shutdown continues," said Anja Cangemi member of the East Bay Coast Guard Spouses’ Club.

The Coast Guard will be accepting donations on Saturday from 10 to 2 p.m. at the Armed Forces YMCA in Alameda. Coast Guard families will be able to collect items on Sunday from 11to 1 p.m. and families will be able to collect items they need from 11-1 on Sunday.

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