San Francisco

Violation Notice Halts Construction at SF High-Rise Following Building Scare

A violation notice was issued Thursday for a high-rise in San Francisco after a construction mishap forced the evacuation of more than a dozen surrounding buildings.

The notice means work on the high-rise apartments in the city's South of Market neighborhood must stop until all corrections are done and approved.

William Strawn with San Francisco's Department of Building Inspection said the notice of violation for the building on Tehama Street outlines what has to happen in the next 48 hours.

"They need to continue doing the corrective work beyond the stabilization," Strawn said. "They have to dismantle the machine that was causing the problems and take that off the site and correct whatever that distortion was on the 35th floor."

Hines, the company in charge of construction at the building, said Wednesday's incident occurred between levels 35 and 36 when a hydraulic jack failed on an interior forming system, causing the form to tilt and trigger fears of a collapse.

Those fears led firefighters to evacuate 16 buildings. The evacuations were lifted late Wednesday.

There was no damage or injuries reported, authorities said.

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