Warriors Fans Celebrate in the Streets and Meet Players at S.F. NBA Championship Parade

Fans lined San Francisco sidewalks, and ultimately poured into the streets, as they celebrated the Warriors' fourth championship in eight seasons, hoping for high-fives, autographs and selfies with their favorite players

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The parade was scheduled to begin at 11:20 a.m., but some fans arrived in the hours before dawn.

Lining the red brick sidewalks of Market Street, they held hand-drawn signs, Warriors jerseys and basketballs, and many wore the Dubs' brand new 2022 NBA championship cap.

"We did it again! We did it again!" screamed a Warriors staff member as the team's employees led off the parade, marching with giant yellow balloons as confetti rained down.

The parade's festive ambiance was provided in part by 16 confetti cannons, loaded with a total of 1.5 tons of confetti. The gold, blue and white confetti shipment arrived just a few hours before the parade kicked off.

"It feels good to be with everybody out here — all the Warriors fans," said a fan wearing a brand new championship cap.

"The energy's crazy!" agreed another fan nearby.

Though reporters were initially told players wouldn't be getting off their double-decker buses, Gary Payton II delighted fans when he ran shirtless out into the street and began high-fiving fans lined up along the crowd control barricades.

Other players soon followed suit. Steph Curry stuck to high-fives, while Jordan Poole posed for selfies and took aim at fans with a squirt gun (sticking to the Poole Party theme). Andrew Wiggins emerged from his bus carrying the Larry O'Brien NBA championship trophy, and held it high over his head, to the fans' delight.

"I like the players, I like watching them," one fan observed. "They just have such a warm, welcoming attitude."

Klay Thompson brought up the rear of the parade, and as he held the championship trophy high in the air, fans flooded into the street behind his bus and began running up the parade route.

"They let us in, they let us in!" exclaimed one fan, as he jogged behind the bus.

As quickly as it had started, the parade ended, leaving fans to play (and take photos) in a street full of confetti.

Though the Warriors are celebrating their fourth championship win in recent years (and their seventh in franchise history) it's the first time a victory parade has taken place in San Francisco. Faithful fans from Oakland, who came over on trains, buses and ferries, said they didn't mind the trip.

"We would go anywhere for the Warriors," one longtime fan told us. "We would go anywhere."

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