Dine Like It's 1955

San Francisco restaurant celebrates its anniversary by turning back the prices

You may get tired of hearing you grandfather tell you how cheap things were in the 1950s but Tuesday is your chance to walk in his shoes without getting annoyed.

Villa Romana in San Francisco's Sunset district will celebrate its 55th anniversary Tuesday by turning back its menu to 1955 prices.

The authentic Napolo restaurant was opened when a 16-year-old Antonio Accardo got off the boat from Italy and somehow convinced the Bank of America to give him a loan to open the restaurant. Try doing that in today's economy, even if you are 71-years-old.

Fifty-five years later to the day, a large cheese pizza will still cost you $1.10, a glass of house wine will run you 25 cents and a classic veal scallopine will only run you a $1.95.

But unlike 1955, you need to log on to Villa Romana's website and make a reservation because seating is extremely limited.

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