To the Rescue! Officer Saves Dog From Burning Boat in San Rafael

The officer was able to reunite the "very frightened" pup with his "very appreciative human," police stated

A police officer on Thursday braved flames to save a dog from a burning boat at the San Rafael Yacht Harbor, according to police.

While firefighters battled the blaze, the officer quickly hopped on a row boat, paddled to the vessel, grabbed the "very frightened" pup and reunited him with his "very appreciative human," police stated on Facebook.

Officers responded to the boat fire just before 5:30 a.m. and found out that a dog was trapped on the vessel, according to police. They later spotted the animal seeking shelter on a small portion of the boat's deck, trying his best to avoid the "rapidly encroaching flames."

While firefighters were busy trying to douse the flames, the officer jumped into hero mode, according to police.

Flames "completely engulfed" the boat shortly after the dog was rescued, police explained.

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