Doyle Drive Traffic Pain Starts Now

Pre-construction activities for the rebuild of the structurally  deficient, 1.5-mile Doyle Drive approach to the Golden Gate Bridge in San  Francisco will begin today, according to officials with Caltrans and the San  Francisco County Transportation Authority.

Workers will begin removing trees on the south side of the roadway  today and continue through October. Construction is expected to start in the  fall.

The $1.05 billion project, originally slated to begin next year,  was accelerated with the receipt of $50 million in federal stimulus funding.

Officials hope to complete the new Doyle Drive, to be called the  Presidio Parkway, in 2013.

Other pre-construction activities including utility relocation are  scheduled to begin later this month.

The collection of native seeds and plants in the area, to be grown  in a nursery in the Presidio for wetlands and riparian habitat restoration  projects, has already begun.

Bay City News contributed to this report

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