East Bay

East Bay Water Agency Prepares for Power Shutoff

Emergency generators are being connected at East Bay Municipal Utilities District facilities in the East Bay to ensure that water service in Alameda and Contra Costa counties continues uninterrupted during this weekend's Public Safety Power Shutoff.

EBMUD said Friday that it anticipates more than 180 of its facilities -- including water treatment plants, pumping plants and local water storage tanks -- will be affected by the shutoff.

The district is also topping off area reservoirs to maximize the supply.

During a power shutoff, customers in affected pressure zones are being asked to minimize water use indoors and turn off outdoor irrigation to help conserve the supply in local storage tanks. EBMUD customers see if their address is in an affected area via an online.

The utility recommends that customers keep emergency water supplies of two gallons per person per day for seven days, plus water for pets. Advice on storing emergency water is available at the East Bay Municipal Utility District website. 

EBMUD water emergencies can be reported at (866) 403-2683.

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