Feds Intercept 60 Pounds of MDMA En Route to SF

Bay Area couple arrested in MDMA sting

Federal agents last week seized 60 pounds of MDMA -- the main ingredient in party drug Ecstasy -- while the drugs were on their way to San Francisco, according to SF Weekly.

The bust happened in a sting, the newspaper reported. The sting targeted alleged drug traffickers Francisco Jose Paz and Angel Nava.

Thanks to a confidential informant, agents tailed a large shipment from the Canadian border down through California. An informant collected drugs from an unknown person, coordinated by Paz, and then was paid $27,000 to drive the 28.24 kilograms of MDMA to the Bay Area, the newspaper reported.

Meghan Grudzien and Paul Grudzien, locals, were arrested after federal authorities made sure that the pair, who were to meet the informant and collect the drugs via a rental car, were tailed, the newspaper reported. The feds also switched out the real drugs for a fake substitute and added a GPS device.

The pair apparently discovered that the MDMA was gone and that they were tracked, as "the GPS tracking device had been rendered inoperable," the newspaper reported.

They were arrested and charged. No word as to the status of the snitch.

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