Feds Out To Make Sure Christmas Tree Burners Know It's Illegal

The tradition of burning a Christmas tree at Ocean Beach is not allowed

The annual ritual of Christmas tree bonfires at Ocean Beach isn't exactly legal, federal authorities will have you know -- a lesson they will teach with a ticket.

Eight people were cited and fined with $125 penalties on Tuesday for burning trees on the beach near Sloat Boulevard, the San Francisco Chronicle reported.

Federal park police and rangers have "stepped up" their efforts to inform the public, with penalties if necessary, that burning their trees is not a thing to do, the newspaper reported.

It's illegal for three reasons, the newspaper reported. You can't burn garbage, you can't burn anything outside of a fire pit, and you can't burn wood during a Spare the Air day, which was in effect on Tuesday.

Expect rangers to be out in force during the Post-Yule Pyre, the more organized event that occurs every January. A date was not available.

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