Fiats Turn McCovey Cove Into Parking Lot

Gridlock had many drivers wishing they could use the San Francisco Bay as a roadway

 McCovey Cove is normally home to paddle boards and kayaks on game days, but today cars took to the waters off AT&T Park.

Three specially built Fiat 500L models drove right into McCovey Cove Saturday morning.

The cars are a new promotion for the Italian automaker.

The Fiats are built on top of high-powered personal watercraft.

The drivers hung out for awhile entertaining Giants fans before making their way up the bay, turning the heads of tourists and locals alike along the Embarcadero.

Traffic was a nightmare in San Francisco this weekend thanks to several big events that brought people into the City by the thousands. Many must have been jealous of a car that could bypass the city streets for the open bay waters. 

The Italian subcompact has been making the rounds of waterways across the country, including a surf contest at Huntington Beach and Lake Michigan in Chicago.

The Fiat promotion follows a commercial that featured the cars driving and/or diving into the ocean. 

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