Flamingo Trio Hatches at SF Zoo

New chicks come after years of waiting

San Francisco Zoo

The San Francisco Zoo Chilean flamingo population has three new members after more than seven years of waiting – and trying.

The zoo announced this week that out of 16 eggs laid at the exhibit, three of them hatched. The rest of the eggs were either laid outside the nest or infertile, the zoo said in a news release.

It’s been really tough to create new life at the flamingo colony because of the social nature of the big pink birds. In the wild, they reproduce among thousands of others but at the exhibit, there are only 40 flamingos. The zoo brought in 10 more flamingos from the Phoenix last year and gave the birds a little encouragement to make a “love connection.” The success is a proud moment for the whole entire zoo.

Three flamingo pairs, two of them neighbors, are still waiting for their eggs to hatch. One of the neighboring pairs is unaware their egg is infertile but if zookeepers try to pull it, the birds could become very upset and fight over the remaining healthy egg.

The result could be loud and the feathers could go flying – literally. And a lot of beak-slapping and loud squawking doesn’t seem like a nice place to nurture a baby.

Jessica Greene wishes the flamingo population good luck as they await the stork – ok, had to say it.  

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