Former Livermore Officer Charged in Connection to Police Sex Exploitation Case

Another East Bay police officers has been formally charged in connection with a police sexual exploitation that has rocked the Bay Area.

An attorney for former Livermore police officer Daniel Black entered a not guilty plea on Black's behalf Tuesday afternoon. Black is facing five misdemeanor counts related to prostitution, lewd conduct and providing alcohol to a person under 21.

Black is the latest officer charged in the sexual exploitation investigation involving Jasmine, a 19-year-old woman who has self identified as Celeste Guap.

Also on Tuesday afternoon, attorney Michael Rains appeared in court on behalf of retired Oakland police Sgt. Leroy Johnson. His arraignment was continued to Oct. 19.

Rains says he believes some of these charges will ultimately be dropped, but admits officers should be held to the highest standard.

"The fact that these officer had any sexual contact with her means that they fell well below the high standards we set for our law enforcement officers -- and rightly so," Rains said.

In total, seven officers from various Bay Area agencies are expected to be charged in connection with the case.

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