San Rafael Man Busted For Offering Housing in Exchange For Sexual Acts: Police

A man posing as a landlord in San Rafael was arrested Friday for offering housing in exchange for sex, police said.

Tifano Ariel Rodas Maldonado, 38, of San Rafael used a fake name when he posted advertisements about open housing in the city's Canal neighborhood, according to police. One victim approached Maldonaldo, who police say was specifically preying on the immigrant population, about the housing offer before learning that they would have to pay in both money and sexual acts.

After being tipped off about the behavior, police and the Fair Housing Advocates of Northern California conducted an undercover sting operation. They called Maldonaldo about the housing offer. He responded by demanding $2,000 per month in rent and sex in order to live in one of his supposedly available apartments, police said.

An undercover officer scheduled a meeting to finalize the housing deal, according to police. When Maldonaldo arrived, police arrested him. He confessed to not being in the real estate business and not having any rental properties in his possession. He also admitted to posting the advertisements.

Maldonaldo was arrested and booked into the Marin County Jail on felony fraud and prostitution charges.

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