Elizabeth Rodriguez

Furloughed Workers Protest Government Shutdown at Oakland Airport

After five long weeks without a pay check, local Transportation Security Administration agents say they’re feeling relieved about the president’s announcement to end the partial shutdown Friday but they fear how long the government will stay open.

TSA agents, union members and fellow furloughed workers rallied at the Oakland Internarial Airport Friday to vent their frustration over their missed salaries in hopes their message is heard by lawmakers.

“We don’t know how we’re going to pay our car payments, our house payments, our rent, our childcare,” TSA officer Susan Braverman said. “We can’t keep doing this & no one should be allowing us to keep doing this.”

As the shutdown continued agents received support from local community members offering meals and groceries as TSA agents went to work without pay.

“If we’re not screening folks before they get on aircrafts then planes aren’t going anywhere,” TSA agent Hadley Adams said.

Although the shutdown is now over, employees remain fearful and urge lawmakers to know they can’t afford another shutdown.

“Make the right decision we’re counting on you guys,” TSA agent Ivelize Rodriguez said.

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