Gay Marriage Leading, But Lead Shrinking

New Poll Shows Race Tightening For Gay Marriage

A new poll shows gay marriage has a shot at existing in California past the November election, and publications around the country are taking notice.

On Thursday, the much-respected Public Policy Institute of California released the results of its statewide poll which showed that Proposition 8 is currently behind in the polls.

Proposition 8 would ban gay marriage.

According to the Wall Street Journal, in the Oct. 22 poll, 52 percent of likely voters surveyed were opposed to gay marriage ban. 44 percent supported it.

As the Los Angeles Times pointed out, those who support gay marriage have an ever-shrinking lead.

In its report, SFGate said that despite opposition to the measure, the state remains split when it comes to the underlying question of gay marriage itself.

One British publication said its Obama's long coattails that could make the difference in the end for gay marriage supporters hoping for a win.

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