Giving the Golden Gate a Square Deal

330 employees from San Francisco-based startup go for a walk.

square golden gate bridge qalk
Jack Dorsey

How's this for a cool tweet:  "And we're walking! All 330."  It comes from Square CEO Jack Dorsey, and it comes directly from the Golden Gate Bridge. 

There are team building exercises, and then there's this.  An entire company pilgrimage across a Bay Area (and national) landmark.

If you follow Dorsey on Twitter (one of two, along with Square, companies he co-founded), you know how taken he is with the bridge. 

Golden Gate facts and figures, along with lots of Instagram photos, roll through his Twitter feed, just in time for the anniversary celebration this Sunday.

Now, he's taking his employees on a trek of their own.

Scott has a much smaller audience than Dorsey, but is also on Twitter:  @scottbudman

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