CHP Looking for Camaro Involved In Golden Gate Bridge Sideshow

The driver of the black Camaro that spun doughnuts on the Golden Gate Bridge is wanted by police

The Camaro beat the cameras, and the car's sideshow friends beat back traffic to allow the car to spin doughnuts on the Golden Gate Bridge. But can the car now beat the California Highway Patrol?

What's believed to be the first "sideshow" -- the car-centric celebration of horsepower and defiance of authority -- in the history of the Bay Area's iconic bridge has got the CHP less than amused, according to reports.

The Camaro eluded the CHP, which is now busy "investigating" the high-visibility incident.

The CHP dubbed the doughnuts a "reckless display" and said they're investigating Sunday's incident. After receiving 911 calls, Highway Patrol officers stopped a black sports car, but it was a Corvette. No arrests were made.

The sideshow endangered "themselves, other drivers, and pedestrians," according to the CHP.

The Golden Gate Bridge does have cameras that capture license plates, so in theory the driver could be tracked down that way. The CHP did not comment on whether that technology would be employed in their investigation.

The Camaro may be part of a Bay Area-wide crew that's filmed sideshows in Oakland and other parts of the Bay, mostly in the East Bay.

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