Honesty Tested in the City

Are San Franciscans honest?


Kudos to the marketing firm for Honest Tea.  They have found a very interesting promotion for the product that involves an honor bar of sorts. 

Unmanned pop-up displays of Honest Tea are being set up throughout San Francisco Monday and Tuesday.  They ask people to leave a buck if  you take a tea.

The Honest Tea folks have set up hidden cameras to see how honest we are.  They aren't taking names, but they are adding numbers.

We should have the results later this week.

We already know have the honesty ratings of these cities:

  • Washington, D.C. and Boston are 93 percent honest
  • Atlanta and New York are 89 percent honest
  • Chicago was 78 percent honest

Our numbers will be interesting to say the least.  The locations for honesty might give you a little clue.  The set up the honor bar in North Beach, South of Market, the Haight and Dolores Park.  If you want to see the experiment for yourself, it will be going on all day Tuesday at Justin Herman Plaza.

Below is a clip from the social experiment in the windy city of Chicago.

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