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Westeros in San Francisco: Interactive, Tech-Infused ‘Game of Thrones' Experience Opens

Game of Thrones fans in the Bay Area, it's time to claim your seat on the "Iron Throne."

That's right. The AT&T West Coast Flagship Store located at 1 Powell St. in San Francisco has opened a "Game of Thrones" experience that allows visitors to immerse themselves in the world of Westeros, according to AT&T.

ATT 1 Powell Game of Thrones 1
A "Game of Thrones" experience in San Francisco allows visitors to claim their seat on the "Iron Throne."

The elaborate world mirrored after the hit HBO series features a replica "Iron Throne," the chance to take a peak at the blue-eyed, horn-wielding "Night King" looming on the second floor and an expansive map illustrating the seven kingdoms, according to AT&T.

ATT 1 Powell Game of Thrones 2
The "Night King" watches over the "Game of Thrones" experience in San Francisco.

The technology-saturated map identifies people traversing across the kingdoms and then sends their location to a virtual forest pictured above their heads on a massive LED wall. The infamous "White Walkers" then "follow" visitors meandering around the continent.

ATT 1 Powell Game of Thrones 3
A map depicts the many kingdoms featured in "Game of Thrones."

Additional props and features are expected to be added to the exhibit over the coming weeks, according to AT&T.

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