iPad Hacker “Weev” Gets 41 Months in Jail

Hacker revealed AT&T security lapse; will be jailed for over three years.

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Free the Weev. As soon as he's jailed, that is.

The hacker who nabbed hundreds of thousands of email addresses from iPad users -- found on an unsecured AT&T Web server -- and released them to Gawker in the name of outing poor security at AT&T has been sentenced to 41 months in jail, according to reports.

Andrew "Weev" Auernheim plans to appeal the ruling, according to Business Insider. Because the Web server where AT&T had the information was unsecured, the sentence is akin to a penalty for Googling something or otherwise visiting any Web site, according to his lawyers.

In the past, Auernheim had said that he expected to go to jail, where he could get "a lot of trolling done."

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