Jokes, Music and Family Take Center Stage at Steve Jobs' Memorial

A private memorial for Steve Jobs Sunday drew some of the biggest names from Silicon Valley, entertainment and politics.

Behind the scenes, Jobs' notoriously out-of-the-spotlight wife and children were also in attendance.

Now details are leaking out about what was said and who spoke at the memorial at Stanford University.

The Wall Street Journal reports that Jobs' widow Laurene Powell Jobs, his sister Mona Simpson and three of his children spoke at the memorial.

Jobs' hand-chosen design chief Jonathan Ive also spoke as well as fellow Silicon Valley giant Larry Ellison.

The Oracle CEO talked about his longtime friendship with Jobs and how the two got started in the valley.

Ive said that not every idea Jobs had was a brilliant one. The man behind the iPad and iPhone said that the Apple co-founder had his fair share of "goofy ideas."

The memorial was also attended by political dignitaries Nancy Pelosi, Apple board member Al Gore and the Clinton family.

U2’s lead singer Bono, famed cellist Yo-Yo Ma and singer Joan Baez, who once dated Jobs, all performed at the memorial. Bono even used an iPad as his teleprompter for the lyrics.

Bono sang a cover of Bob Dylan's "Every Grain of Sand" while Joan Baez performed "Swing Low, Sweet Chariot." Dylan was Jobs' favorite artist.

The mood of the memorial was light, including several speakers who told jokes about Jobs.

Jobs passed away Oct. 5 after a long battle with cancer. Apple will hold a private memorial for employees on its campus Wednesday.

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