Katzenberg Joins Zynga

Movie exec heads to Farmville.

Social media and Tinsel Town seem to be joining forces more and more these days. Not only are celebs all over Facebook and Twitter, but major companies like Warner Bros. and Facebook are teaming up.

Now FarmVille creators, Zynga, one of the biggest social media game companies, has appointed movie mogul and DreamWorks Animation chief executive, Jeffery Katzenberg to its board of directors, says Venture Beat.

Katzenberg is largely known for his Shrek movies, and is the first person on the board to not be from the Silicon Valley.

“Jeffrey redefined storytelling when he launched DreamWorks Animation,” said Mark Pincus, founder and CEO of Zynga. “He turned an independent studio into a brand name, and his vision will be an asset as we work to define the future of play.”

Zynga should have a much easier time creating movie-based games, and the promotional ideas are endless.

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