Lawsuit For Greg Gopman, SF Techie Who Bashed Homeless

Former startup CEO Greg Gopman has been sued by his old company.

Greg Gopman isn't such a nice guy. And that was before the former startup CEO went on his now-infamous tirade against the homeless.

In a lawsuit filed by his former co-worker at Angelhack, Gopman -- whose Facebook post in December called San Francisco's homeless people "trash" -- stands accused of using company money to pay for vacations, credit card debt, and his apartment, as well as bringing disrepute upon the company's brand, according to reports.

Angelhack co-founder Sabeen Ali says that Gopman used the company's bank accounts to cover the bills for "elaborate vacations in Asia," $70,000 in credit card debt, and his South of Market apartment -- which Gopman charged his roommate $2,500 to live in anyhow, SFist reported.

Gopman left the company in November by mutual agreement. In return, he received $100,000 as well as millions of shares in the company's stock, the lawsuit says.

This was before Gopman registered to vote using the startup's co-op work space as his address), and before he lived in housing meant for low-income people.

Gopman, according to Valleywag, is still in the tech game in San Francisco: he's organizing some events for the summertime, and even considering a run for public office.

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