San Francisco

LGBT Community in SF Shows Allegiance with Orlando through “Kiss-In”

As the Bay Area continues to mourn for the 49 lives lost in the Orlando shooting, the LGBT community here has been thinking of ways to show their allegiance with The Sunshine State – from hosting events that donate proceeds to victim funds, to more innovative ways such as holding an upcoming “Kiss-In” demonstration in San Francisco.

The “Kiss-In," which encourages same-sex couples (and friends) to show affection with a kiss — took place at San Francisco’s Harvey Milk Plaza Wednesday evening. The event was inspired by stories alleging that Omar Mateen, the Orlando shooter, had become “angry” when he saw two men kiss, and is intendeded to fight back against homophobic rhetoric. 

“If a same sex kiss prompted the heinous event in Orlando, then let’s flood the internet with positive displays of love,” wrote event organizers on the Facebook invite for the event.

Organizers are also asking participants to take photos of the Kiss-In and share them to social media under the hashtag #SpreadLove. Check out the developing gallery <a href="

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