Man Finds Camera Lost at Sea for 4 Years, Seeks Owner

Man finds SD photo card on beach in Aptos.

found sd card
DoYouKnowUs (Flickr)

Talk about an amazing discovery on a beach in Aptos.

A man and his daughter found a digital camera washed up on shore with the photo card still in tact. On the card, 104 photos snapped in June 2007.

Peter Govaars found the card in March, according to the Santa Cruz Sentinel. It was on Hidden Beach, clipped into a piece of white plastic that he later determined was the skeleton of a digital camera.

Govaars pulled the SD card out and cleaned it up. When he popped it into his card reader, he discovered dozens of photos. Many of them featured what appears to be a Hispanic family at a birthday party. He thinks the owner of the camera lives in or around San Jose.

The last photo snapped on the SD card was taken on June 11, 2007.

Govaars has posted some of the images on a flickr site. He hopes that the owner will see them and then contact him so that he can return all of the images to them.

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