Mountain Lion Sighting Reported Near San Mateo Shopping Center

A possible mountain lion sighting was reported near a shopping center in San Mateo on Tuesday night, police said.

At about 10:25 p.m., a resident was sitting in her vehicle in the Cyrstal Springs Shopping Center on De Anza Boulevard when she saw a large animal she believed to be a mountain lion, according to police.

The animal walked on the street and then continued into the brush in the area between De Anza Boulevard and Los Altos Drive, police said.

Police responded and did not locate the animal, but released details about the case because "although this is an unconfirmed sighting, we want to keep our community informed."

Anyone who sees a mountain lion is urged not to approach it. People should avoid hiking or jogging through wooded areas during dawn, dusk or at night when mountain lions are most active.

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