Mysterious Fighter Jet Flyover Captured on Camera

It's been a few days since a pair of military fighter jets buzzed over San Jose, taking everyone by surprise and causing quite a scare for plenty of people. But, even if you ask someone about the mysterious flyover today, you're sure to find it's still a hot topic.

No answers have emerged yet to explain why the jets, most widely believed to be Navy F-18 Hornets, made the surprise visit Wednesday around 8 p.m. They flew so low over some neighborhoods in downtown San Jose, the vibration rattled windows and set off car alarms. Now we have a glimpse of at least one of those jets.

We put out the call for a picture of the loud but sneaky visitors and got one from a man who works San Jose Mineta Airport. Todd said via email that the sound of the jets drew him outside while he was at work that evening. Even though he works at the airport, he didn't know why the jets zoomed over San Jose. Here's what else he said in his email:

It was obvious to me that they had no intention of landing at SJC. I could see them very clearly from my location. They flew directly over the SJC runways, then both jets banked right (to the east) made the regular loop around the valley that is the normal flight path of every jet I see fly in and out of SJC, and came back and flew over the runways a second time. After that they headed south till they were gone. It was very loud, and the jets weren't slowing down for approach. I think some people might call it a "fly by" but I did not see after burners engaged.

Mineta San Jose Airport spokesman David Vossbrink called the incident, "very strange" and said they had no details about the apparent flyover. Vossbrink says the airport had a "military request" for a fly-by and that the U.S. Navy jets flew over the airfield a few times but didn't touch down.

Officials at Moffett Field were also notified that the jets would be flying through their airspace but nobody there could offer an explanation either.

Hey, call us conspiracy theorists but, we're still intriqued by the mystery and apparent secrecy of the mission. What do you think? Leave a comment below with your theories about the flyover.

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