Mythbusters Banned From Hacking RFID Chips

Some myths may not be busted, it seems.

The Mythbusters love getting to the bottom of a myth, but sometimes the protectors of the myth hold the bigger stick.

The crew was all set to air a show about how hackable and trackable RFID chips that are found in many credit cards are, when some big name advertisers stepped in to shut it down.

In an undated YouTube video, which , Adam Savage of Mythbusters talks about how the MB's crew sat down for a  conference call with Texas Instruments to discuss the tech behind the chips, and were surprised to find also on the line were chief legal reps from Visa, Discover, and American Express. The Discovery Channel was told if the show about RFID chips aired, the major credit card companies would pull all advertising from the cable network.

Guess who won that battle? Suffice to say, there was no Mythbusters episode about RFID chips.

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