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New Restaurant Health Score Cards Go Up in Silicon Valley

Santa Clara County restaurants started getting window score cards Friday and a new user friendly website makes it easy for curious customers to see their number scores and inspection details; it comes after the NBC Bay Area Investigative Unit first expose

Some colorful new décor hit the windows of Silicon Valley restaurants Friday and it’s wall art now required by the county that comes after an NBC Bay Area investigation. 

Santa Clara County health inspectors started handing out green, yellow and red score cards (denoting a Pass, Conditional-Pass or Fail score) that restaurants are required to hang in their front windows. The county has also upgraded its website to a user friendly interface that can quickly tell consumers the restaurant’s number score, and the details of the inspection after just typing in a restaurant name.

The placarding system and new website were approved by the county Board of Supervisors last spring after months of review initially prompted by an NBC Bay Area Investigative Unit report

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