New Twitter Trend: #OccupyKlout!

Don't be defined by an algorithm

In this era of "every kid gets a trophy," you'd think the last thing a social media company would do is make its users feel less special. 

But that's exactly what Klout just did.

The Silicon Valley influence measurement service says its tweaking the way it calculates your Klout score.  By "tweaking," they apparently mean lowering, and now the company, which lets you know how influential you are on social sites like Twitter, is being hit by backlash.

The hashtag #occupyKlout is all over Twitter, as users complain of feeling defined by an algorithm.  It's sad, really:  watching your influence drop right before your eyes.

The company says it's trying to be more "accurate."  Whatever that means.  So long as it's mentioned with an "occupy" hashtag, it's probably got some explaining to do.

Scott is (sigh) less influential than before.  He’s on Twitter:  @scottbudman

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