Muni Buses Stop Displaying “Go Giants” Messages

The practice of Muni buses flashing "Go Giants" messages is over.

"Go Niners"? Not on Muni. Not any more.

Complaints from "the disabled community" have brought the practice of flashing messages -- from promoting marriage equality to urging on the Giants or the 49ers -- on Muni buses to an end, according to the San Francisco Appeal.

Some buses and trains among Muni's fleet of 1,100 vehicles displayed messages on their route signs as well route information. That was confusing for some in the disabled community, including a "highly functioning autistic client," according to Muni officials, who announced that the "informal" practice would stop.

Fears of a lawsuit under the Americans with Disabilities Act prompted Muni to end the practice, which began sometime around 2010, the newspaper reported.

Michael Petrelis, a well-known activist and raconteur in the LGBT community, was shot down in his request for Muni to add a message for Pride next year: "Housing for All."

That rankled Petrelis, who called the sports teams messages "free advertising for billionaires," the newspaper reported.

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