Oakland Police Shoot, Kill Family's Yellow Lab

Officers left note on front door

The Oakland Police Department is apologizing for the death of a family's dog.

Gloria, a yellow Labrador, was the only one home Tuesday when offcers arrived to check out a burglar alarm call. The Hallock family says 11-year-old Gloria had arthritis in her hips and had trouble getting around.

Oakland police say Gloria began growling and barking and then made a threatening move toward the officers as they approached. The officers shot three times -- one shot hit the dog in the head.

Mary Kate Hallock arrived home from running errands to find a note from officers on the front door of the home explaining that the dog had "advanced on officers in a threatening manner before being shot and killed."

The Hallocks say they want to know what police didn't use Taser, mace or pepper spray on the dog instead of going right to the deadly force of a handgun. They say they don't want to sue the department, but they want the change the department's policy nobody else has to go through same turmoil their family id dealing with now.

Police say the officer who pulled the trigger has not been placed on leave and continues to work.

The shooting death of Gloria comes just a few months after an Oakland officer shot and killed a young deer that found its way to a resident's back yard, prompting Police Chief Anthony Batts to call for a policy review.

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