Officials Rescue Injured Sea Lion

The animal has evaded rescuers for over a month.

Wildlife experts have rescued a sea lion that is suffering from an apparent gunshot wound.

The wayward creature, which has been dubbed Sammy, has been seen in San Francisco and as far away as Old Sacramento.

Saturday, officials from the Sausalito-based Marine Mammal Center caught the animal as it swam in the Sacramento River in Knights Landing.

The animal has evaded rescuers for over a month.

 Last Monday, Sammy was spotted sitting on a dock in Clarksburg for about 14 hours. As of Tuesday morning, Sammy was not at the dock, but an angler said he saw the creature swimming nearby.

Sammy, who tips the scales at an estimated 400 pounds, is suffering from a head wound.

Fisherman Larry Legans was earlier arrested in connection with the shooting. He faces a charge of animal cruelty.

Experts said Sammy's wound is weeping and needs treatment. They added that he appears to be lethargic.

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