Outside Lands Plans to Stay in GG Park

Tickets for Outside Lands may go on sale Friday but you can feel comfortable planning for music in Golden Gate Park for years to come.

The lease agreement for the three day music festival in Golden Gate Park is set to expire after the fourth year of the agreement but concert organizers have an option for two more years.

And by the sound of it, organizers are planning to go anywhere.

“Now here we are in our fourth year,” Vice President of Another Planet, Allen Scott, told the San Francisco Examiner. “But we plan on doing this festival for the next 20 plus years.”

There's no reason to believe the festival may not go on as long. San Francisco makes a pretty penny off of Outside Lands.

The festival will pay the City $1.05 million for rent and $1 per ticket or 10 percent of sales this year.

Outside Lands has also been popular with music lovers and it has tried to address neighbors' concerns about noise, traffic and trash.


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