Not All Sparkle And Shine: Palo Alto Shoppers Concerned About Sidewalk Glass

A $7 million dollar beautification project is catching people’s eye on California Avenue in Palo Alto.

Colorful recycled glass is mixed into the concrete for the new sidewalks — people like the look but not the feel.

At Izzy's Brooklyn Bagels Israel Rind says the surface is rough and some of the glass pieces are breaking off.

Shoppers worry the glass might hurt pets or people. Some shared their concerns with City Hall. After a closer look city staffers say the contractor has some repair work to do.

Rind knows at least part of the sidewalk in front of Izzy’s has to be replaced. He's not looking forward to a repeat of construction work he says keeps customers away.

The decorative glass is now cemented in to several blocks between El Camino and the Caltrain tracks. The city says the contractor will pay for the fix. And staff is hoping the re-do won't delay the completion of the project.


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