San Mateo County Allows Drive-In Graduation Ceremonies

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With the Class of 2020 graduations in mind, San Mateo County changed the rules to allow drive-in ceremonies with a maximum of 200 cars.

The county’s event center said it will offer graduation packages in its parking lot that would allow one student to get out and get a diploma at a time.

Grads say it sounds a lot better than the planned virtual ceremony.

“I like the new idea and at least I can see some people even though we can't be close to them,” said Burlingame High School senior Will Pereira. “Actually a real graduation, not a virtual one.

It’s now up to school districts in San Mateo County to decide if they will change graduation plans.

“I think it would be great to have something we can physically go to and like Will said, to see friends feel like part of it,” said mom Lynne Pereira.

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