Pirates Rally to Save Tonga

Lovers of the Tonga Room just can't let it die.

The adorable San Francisco bar has been facing the ax since the owner of the Fairmount, where the bar resides, drew up plans to tear down and rebuild part of the hotel as condos.

But one man came up with the bright idea of designating the Polynesian inspired bar as a historic landmark. Because history can't be erased. At least not easily.

Now our friends at Grub Street report that Smuggler's Cove is paying homage to its older tiki brother by hosting a rally to save the endangered Tonga Room.

Smuggler's Cove will teach "concerned San Franciscans, Tiki freaks, Dionysians and Sybarites, midcentury fans, and rum aficionados" what they can do to help the bar earn its historic designation.

The rally for Tonga takes place March 23rd, 5 p.m., at Smuggler's Cove, 650 Gough Street. Apparently the Tonga Room was booked.


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