Pittsburg Affair Leads To Burglary, Death

An extramarital affair turned into a deadly conspiracy, Pittsburg police said Wednesday, after a would-be burglar was found fatally stabbed in a home invasion set up to scare a husband who wouldn't move out.

Lt. Ron Raman detailed to NBC Bay Area a complicated plot, where a wife, her boyfriend, his brother, and another man have all now been arrested in connection with a robbery and a homicide. The victim - who also was a suspect in this case - was identified Wednesday by the Contra Costa County Coroner as Robert Earl Lindsey, a 54-year-old homeless man.

According to police, Lindsey had an extensive criminal history, including several burglaries.

Arrested in the case are: Charmaine Taijeron, 28, and her boyfriend, Matt Parker, 22. Parker's brother, Charles Parker, 21, and Jimmy Salgado, 21, are also in custody.

According to Raman, Taijeron's husband had recently learned that his wife had been allegedly having an affair with Parker, and the couple had decided to separate.

The husband was not leaving as quickly as his wife wanted to, Raman said. So police alleged that she and Parker - and three others - plotted to fake a burglary in order to scare the husband into leaving.

The husband had a small, legal marijuana grow in the home, and Raman said the suspects had planned to target that. He also said that Taijeron gave  Lindsey a spare key to their home.

Police were called out to the couple's Leland Road home Tuesday at 10:20 a.m., when Taijeron's husband told police he noticed a man trying to break into his apartment.

Police said the husband then went to get a gun, but he was facing an a stranger in his house with what looked like a gun. The two men struggled and both dropped their weapons, police said. The husband grabbed a knife and stabbed the other man in the back, fatally wounding him.

The husband was not injured in the struggle.

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