Suspect Captured After Officer Opens Fire in Rodeo: Police

A suspect was captured after an officer fired at him following a pursuit in Contra Costa County early Tuesday morning, according to police.

The suspect, who was not hit, was taken into custody in the area of Vallejo Avenue and Third Street in Rodeo, Hercules Police Cmdr. Thomas Koeppe said.

The incident began when a Hercules police officer tried to stop the suspect along Willow Avenue for an undisclosed vehicle code violation, Koeppe said. The suspect fled but crashed nearby.

The suspect jumped out of the car, reached for his waistband, pulled out what the officer thought was a gun and pointed it at the officer, according to Koeppe. The officer responded by firing one round at the suspect.

Koeppe said the suspect threw the object that was in his hand over a fence and took off on foot, but officers eventually caught him.

No injuries were reported, Koeppe said. The suspect was taken to a hospital after complaining that he swallowed some type of medication.

Authorities searched for the object the suspect threw, but they have yet to find it. They believe it could be in an area of thick berry bushes. They plan to return to the scene later in the day to continue their search for the object.

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