Solano County

Police Investigate Drive-By Shooting in Suisun City

A North Bay man whose car window was shattered by gunfire outside his Solano County home wonders if he was targeted or if the drive-by shooting was an act of road rage.

The father of two daughters was outside his home in Suisun City when he heard what sounded like gunfire. He then found out that somehow his family home became a target.

"We heard a loud banging noise, sounded like four shots," said the victim, who chose to remain anonymous for his safety.

He just moved into his home a month ago and was shocked to see police outside his door.

"If this doesn’t happen normally, they must be targeted at me," he said.

Security cameras captured the moment in which a car driving by, stops then a passenger steps out and fires.

"It looks like it was possibly an act of road rage," he said, though police had no indication of that.

Police said they have a few leads but no motive.

"I’m still shaken up," he said.

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