Redheads Spotlighted at San Francisco ‘Ginger Pride Festival'

Redheads will celebrate their hair color with their own Ginger Pride Festival on Thursday in San Francisco's recently renovated Dolores Park.

Organizer Mike Witherspoon confirmed to NBC Bay Area that the celebration is real and posted an event schedule on the Facebook event page that includes a photobooth (with red wigs for the "ginger challenged") and a red velvet birthday cake for redheads celebrating a July birth. A "silent disco" with music that can only be heard in headphones is to be confirmed.

An afterparty at nightclub Monarch will feature drink discounts for redheads as well as Jameson and ginger ale on special.

Last year, a similar Dolores Park gathering yielded a song and video called "My Ginga," a parody of YG's rap song "My Hitta" created by Calvin Michael West, who sells redhead-positive "Double Recessive" T-shirts on his website.

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