Monterey County

Reward in Prunedale Projectile Case Grows to $14,000 After Another Driver is Hit

Yet another driver on Highway 101 in Prunedale was hit by a projectile Friday, after more than 40 other similar incidents this year—including family vehicles, and, last month, a school bus carrying high school football players to a game in San Jose.

A reward offered for the arrest of whomever is responsible for these incidents has grown to $14,000.

The driver in Friday’s incident, George De Carvahlo, said he was startled but reacted calmly when he heard what sounded like an explosion as his window shattered. He said that after so many incidents over the last several months he was almost expecting something like this to happen.

“It’s in the back of your mind just saying, okay, it’s a shot, it’s happened again,” De Carvahlo said.

He made it to his Prunedale home where he met Monterey County detectives and CHP officers. Then, he took them back out on the freeway to look for clues.

“Whoever’s doing this, think twice, please,” De Carvahlo said. “You know what? You’re going to get caught. Guaranteed.”

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