Riot Police Bust SFSU Protesters

Predawn raid ends student siege

San Francisco State University has long had a chip on its shoulder, overshadowed as it is by the University of California at Berkeley across the Bay.

Here's another way SFSU is no Berkeley: A riotous student occupation which began Wednesday at 5 a.m. came to a swift end Thursday morning as riot police raided the Business building, in which approximately 50 to 100 students had barricaded themselves.

The students reportedly had stocked up on food for an "indefiinite" occupation to protest state budget cuts. Perhaps they should have given more thought to fortifications in preparing for their siege?

The Golden Gate Xpress, SFSU's student publication, reported that 30 had been arrested and the protesters moved to 19th Avenue, briefly blocking the busy commute route.

As police locked up protesters in police vans, one arrestee told NBC Bay Area that the occupation was a "victory."

School administrators might consider putting a comparative study of protest movements on the curriculum for spring.

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