San Francisco

San Francisco Rejects Cracking Down on Short Term Rentals, Airbnb

The San Francisco Board of Directors opposed a proposal on Tuesday that would have created stricter regulations for Airbnb and other rental lodging companies.

The decision is a win for Airbnb, amid disputes with city residents who say unregulated home-shares are bad for the housing market.  Airbnb remains to be the leading rental company in the city, with 5,000 active listings.

The Board of Supervisorsis hoping to better enforce the current law, which limits people from renting out entire homes to 90 days a year and requires all hosts to register with the city.

The debate will open up again on the November ballot when San Francisco residents can vote on a measure that will restrict hosting platforms to list only units that are registered with the city and limit hosts to renting their property only 75 nights a year.

The Associated Press contributedd to this report.

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