San Francisco Supervisor Wants Junk Food Removed From Vending Machines on City Property

At least one San Francisco supervisor does not want anyone getting their chips, candy or soda from vending machines on city property.

Supervisor Mark Farrell is introducing new legislation on Tuesday to ban sugary and fatty items from the vending machines in places like City Hall, San Francisco International Airport, and the San Francisco Zoo.

"This policy solidifies our City’s commitment to encouraging healthier lifestyles by making healthy choices more readily available," Farrell said in a press release. "Healthier employees are more productive employees, and lead to incredible cost-savings for taxpayers."

The items would have to be replaced with fruit and vegetables, and low-calorie drinks. Introduced with the backing of the American Heart Association, the legislation is being described as one of the strongest such policies in the country.

Farrell said the new policy, if approved, would take effect as soon as each vending machine contract comes up for renewal or is amended in any way. 

The nutritional standards are outlined as follows:

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