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SF Transportation Leaders Outline Rideshare Safety Concerns

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Concerns about the safety of rideshare services have prompted transportation leaders in San Francisco to send a letter to state regulators Wednesday outlining the gaps in regulations they believe put riders in danger.

The gaps include inadequate background checks for drivers, a lack of drug and alcohol testing, a failure by Uber to investigate most complaints of drivers using drugs or alcohol and extreme difficulty for the public to obtain safety records for Uber and Lyft.

At a panel discussion about oversight of the rideshare industry, a reporter for the San Francisco Public Press explained that his requests were denied because California Public Utilities Commission regulations keep them confidential.

The CPCU has agreed to review that confidentiality policy. A former commissioner said it’s one of many steps needed to improve safety.

“It has to go much further than just giving us some safety reports,” said former CPUC commissioner Loretta Lynch. “It actually has to regulate these companies that have a record of problems.”

Uber did not respond to a request for comment. Lyft said it will file its response with the CPUC.

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