San Francisco's Art Treasures Not for Sale

A little foresight will keep any pols from raiding public collection

San Francisco is sitting on $86 million in art it has acquired over the years, and with massive budget deficits, it might be attractive to sell a piece or two.

But for once, San Francisco's habit of crafting Byzantine regulations concerning city business means that there won't be a fire sale any time soon.

The city's policy on selling art it has acquired through donations or commissions runs seven pages.

And what it all boils down to is that even after running a gauntlet that would include the San Francisco City Attorney's opinion and the always wacky antics of public comment, any money would have to go right back into buying and maintaining public art.

So for city departments looking to save a job or two, hands off the paintings and sculpture! But don't worry, you can always raid Muni's budget. Photo by Flickr user Dewet.

Jackson West is more interested in the 738 pieces collecting dust in storage -- if you can't sell 'em, at least put 'em on display.

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