Shots Fired at Family Driving on I-80 in Berkeley

The latest incident doesn't appear connected to a pair of recent shootings on I-80 in the East Bay, according to CHP.

For the third time in a less than month, someone shot at a car Tuesday night on Interstate 80 in the East Bay. This time that car was carrying a family of three, including an 8-year-old child.

The family didn't realize what had happened until police found a bullet in their car, a Berkeley police spokesman said Wednesday.

The family was driving on I-80, between Ashby Avenue and University Avenue, when a bullet shot through a side window, shattering it, according to Berkeley police.

"They actually thought they had gotten into a traffic collision, and they pulled over and called for help," Berkeley Police Officer Byron White said.

The driver, a woman in her 30s, was treated for non-life threatening injuries. A 65-year-old female passenger and the 8-year-old were uninjured.

White said the family is not aware of any traffic collision or confrontation prior to the shooting, and police do not have any suspect information at this time.

This is the third shooting on I-80 this month. On Nov. 2, one man was injured when his car was hit with several bullets near San Pablo Dam Road. On Nov. 10, one person was killed and another was injured in another shooting near Pinole Valley Road. California Highway Patrol investigators believe the victims in both of those cases were targeted.

CHP investigators are looking into the possibility that the prior two shootings on the highway are related, but said it's too early to tell if there is any link between those shootings and Tuesday night's incident in Berkeley.

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