South Bay Construction Fuels Recycling Industry

A rise in South Bay construction is fueling a new growth industry in the Silicon Valley.

Recycling coupled with a need to repair local roads are creating many jobs in the Bay Area.

Crews at Granite Construction are turning recycled material -- life roof shingles -- into asphalt. And at San Jose-based Zanker Recycling, workers are recycling building materials.

"What really drives our business is new construction," said Michael Gross of Zanker Recycling. "Because if you're going to tear down a building, what's going to happen to that building? It's going to come to a facility like us, we're going to recycle that and then you got to build something new there. Well, all the residual from that comes to our facility here too."

Several Bay Area roads will soon be re-paved with recycled asphalt, much of it starting out as rooftop shingles collected in Oakland.

View more in Scott Budman's video report above.

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